Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Considerable Locations, Trends

Glance at the map at the following link, specifically near the locations listed in the poll.

There are some considerations here in terms of location.
Looks like areas near the border of India, specifically the northeast side and trending diagonally toward Vietnam, are some key areas.

These locations are currently receiving some attention from an organization whose focus is on reducing extreme poverty. It's possible that a medical facility may work well and create synergy, thereby influencing the effectiveness of operations for each party involved.



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Medical Outreach - The Start

Lately, I've been spending more time pondering the challenges of initiating a medical outreach program.

To start an outreach, we'll need to know some things:

1 what type of outreach?
2 what group of people will be the primary focus of the program?
3 where should the program be located?
4 what materials are required to achieve the most benefit per cost?
5 who will volunteer their help?
6 what traveling and shipping costs are involved?
7 when the first mission is done, who will continue operations?
8 when is the best time to go?
9 what is the total estimated program cost
10 what is the distribution of materials (where are they coming from / cost)?